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August Agro 2013

August Agro is a company which specialise in Milk, Beef and Cereal production. Their business controls the value chain from production of the raw product direct from the farm through to supplying the supermarket with a finished processed product. August Agro decided they would like their farming/production entity streamlined to increase profitability for the business partners.

AMG Pastoral has redesigned the farming system that is being used currently, moving from a TMR system to a system based more on the Pastoral model. The facilities are also being modernised to help streamline the business. It has been budgeted for a New Zealand manager to be brought into manage the dairy farm and train the local employees on international best practices. An AMG Pastoral Agronomist is overseeing the 800 Ha cropping facility to ensure global production targets are met. Milk production has been budgeted to increase by 20% with total business profits budgeted to increase by over 40%.

AMG Pastoral has supplied the Business Plan, secured extra finance for the development, will project manage the farming system upgrade, supply qualified staff for a period of 3 years and will actively manage the farm on an ongoing basis.

Mekkurri Holdings Ltd 2013

Mekkurri Holdings and AMG Pastoral have signed a Joint Venture agreement to develop 10,000 Hectares of land into high performance pasture based dairy farms. The land is capable of milking over 20,000 cows producing 110 million litres of milk per year. Due to the climate in this region this land will be under centre pivot irrigation growing approximately 80 kg of Dry matter per hectare per day. Milk Production budgets have been forecast at 5500 litres per cow but that is expected too increase rapidly once pasture becomes established.

In conjunction with the dairy farms a 5000 Hectare beef unit will also be in operation raising young bull calves through to 120kgs for slaughter. The first 1200 dairy cow farm will be operational by early 2014 with 540 beef cattle on the beef unit already.

Terra Nova 2012

Terra Nova is a large land holding based in the Pskov region south of St Petersburg. Presently they own over 50,000Ha of land and are looking at converting some of this land into Dairying in the future.

A full assessment of this Agricultural holding company was done by AMG Pastoral staff with findings presented to the board. The farm was projected to produce returns in access of 20%. The board of Terra Nova decided to postpone their decision on the farming system upgrade until 2014.

Milk production has been budgeted to increase by 20% with total business profits budgeted to increase by over 40%.