​Project Management 

Once the decision has been made to proceed with the new venture, skilled personal are required to ensure that the required infrastructure is completed on time and on budget. AMG Pastoral Ltd can offer a Project Management Service that would oversee the construction of the farms to highest global industry standards.

AMG Pastoral Ltd services provides the following functions:

• Sourcing quality Manager/s if required (salary of manager not included)
• Letting tenders for stock and construction
• Sourcing all stock
• Supervision of any planned development through to first milking of animals by AMG Pastoral Ltd staff onsite.
• Overseeing of pasture reestablishment including administration of fertiliser to correct soil nutrient levels
• Overseeing of fencing and tracks over the farm
• Overseeing the water system design and installation
• Overseeing the Milking parlour design and construction to ensure best design and throughput parameters are met

PROJECT MANAGEMENT | Проектный менеджмент