ASSET MANAGEMENT | Управление активами

​AMG Pastoral Ltd Ongoing Management Service

AMG Pastoral accepts that very few Russian Managers will have knowledge of best pasture based farming techniques. Therefore AMG Pastoral offers contracts to manage the farm for 1-5 year periods (or longer if required) to ensure that production and therefore financial targets are met.

This will be done by sourcing high quality New Zealand farm managers who will live on and manage the farm for the investor. Training of local managers will take a high priority to ensure the long term success of the business. Several reporting channels will be in place for the investor to ensure that full up to the minute information on their business investment is available.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly reports to owners and the associated financial institutions including:


• Financial updates versus budget with comment on extraordinary items
• Farm report with commentary on feed supply, stock health, mating, young stock and other relevant issues
• Progress on development of farming system
• Progress on training of local managers
• Capital expenditure.​

Weekly Reporting

Weekly meetings between Farm Operational Manager and AMG Pastoral including:


• Cow performance
• Cow health
• Cow conception
• Young stock
• Beef stock
• Feed budgets
• Human Resources

This service would include a quarterly farm visit to assist the managers and report to the owners and financial institutions. The manager would also be offered remote advice on key business decisions on a daily basis if required. This would be via the internet or phone.

Electronic equipment that is “online” will monitor pasture growth, feed quality, weather conditions etc so that the best up to date advice can be relayed to the manager. This information would be available at any time by logging into AMG Pastorals web based management service. Best management practices will be used (and updated regularly) so that maximum production is achieved from resource available allowing maximum returns to the investors.